If you finish using Understand in Offline mode before the expiration date you can check the license back into the Licensing Portal so it can be used on other machines.

Generating a Return Code

Select Help > Licensing > Options > Return Offline Code. The dialog that pops up will have a button that generates a License Return Code. Once you generate that Return Code, UNDERSTAND WILL NO LONGER FUNCTION until you enter a new license.

Enter the Return Code in the License Portal

This code needs to be entered into the Licensing Portal otherwise the license will be inaccessible. Use the Offline Code and the green Offline badges, to find the matching license in the Portal and select Options->Check-In License.

Enter the Return code to Checkin the license.

That’s it, your license should be freed up for online use now!

If something goes wrong and you end up with a license that can't be freed - for example, your laptop gets crushed by a charging elephant, you can request that our team manually free up that license.

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